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Your Quest for Treasured, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Begins Here
Toys & Collectibles

Mythical Mountain is proud to carry a large variety of statues, action figures, collectibles, vintage toys, posters, autographed merchandise, wall decor, keychains, and so much more! You'll find we have most everything geek: horror, comics, sci-fi, anime and much more...

Stop by to enjoy a walk down memory lane and see many toys from your childhood...or marvel at the new items that arrive weekly. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see what's new!

We have one of the largest collections of Funko Pops! in Jacksonville! You'll find our collection to be neatly organized by theme and boxes in mint condition.

Don't waste time running around town, searching for your favorite Pops! Simply pre-order online, and we'll have your item(s) ready for you when it  arrives. 

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